Central Champions

Men's Foil Men's Epee Men's Sabre Women's Foil Women's Epee Women's Sabre
2019 Daniel Kahu Liam James Timothy Wong Naomi Holland Sophia Tweedle Elizabeth Little
2018 ZhaoJie Xu Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Luke Crozier JiaYue He Claire Cooper ---
2017 Felix Boyce Steve Martin Daniel Ko Naomi Holland Claire Cooper Katie Boyle
2016 Steve Martin Steve Martin Daniel Ko Naomi Holland Claire Cooper --
2015 Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Daniel Ko Charlotte Dewsnap Nicole Martin Katie Boyle
2014 Felix Boyce Andreas Sesun Felix Boyce Charlotte Dewsnap Annick Fenaughty Charlotte Dewsnap
2013 Daniel Kahu Andreas Sesun Daniel Kahu Charlotte Dewsnap Charlotte Dewsnap --
2012 Daniel Kahu Andreas Sesun Bryan Clark Stephanie Alexander Grace Christie Stephanie Simpkin
2011 Daniel Kahu Daniel Kahu Tony Culliford Stephanie Alexander Annick Fenaughty Charlotte Dewsnap
2010 Hamish Clarke William Bishop Luke Crozier Stephanie Alexander Nancy Liu Katie Boyle
2009 Daniel Kahu Philipp Stein Bryan Clark Monique Coleman Joanne Cole Joanne Cole
2007 Michael Hoskins Andy Duncan Peter Kim Kate King Katie Boyle Samantha Woodward
2006 Wayne Cui Andy Duncan Jonathan Chan Monique Coleman Helen Ma Monique Coleman
2005 Wayne Cui Rock Cahan Jonathan Chan Monique Coleman Natasha Buist Katherine Taylor
2004 Wayne Cui Rock Cahan Jonathan Chan Monique Coleman Natasha Buist Samantha Woodward
2003 Wayne Cui Rock Cahan Jonathan Chan Monique Coleman Natasha Buist Jane Young
2002 Wayne Cui Steve Martin Jonathan Chan Anita Brackley Jane Young Jennifer Jackson
2001 Angus Cole Martin Brill   Chi Kobayashi Natasha Buist  
2000 Chris McCarthy Rock Cahan Antony Fake Jessica Beer Jessica Beer Jane Young
1999 Steve Martin Steve Martin Liam Davies Jessica Beer Jessica Beer Sharyn Westlake
1998   Ian Galley        
1997   Steve Martin        
1996   Steve Martin        
1995   Steve Martin        
1994   Yong Song (SK)        
1993   D Stronge        
1992   Robert Bain        
1991   T Hayward        
1990   T Hayward        
1989   G McLean        
1988   A Grant-Taylor        
1987   G McLean        
1986   G McLean        
1985   G McLean        
1984   G Philip        
1983   G Philip        
1982   Peter Osvath        
1981   Peter Osvath        
1980   G Philip        
1979   Martin Brill        
1978   Peter Osvath        
1977   Peter Osvath        
1976   G Philip        
1975   Peter Osvath        
1974   Peter Osvath        
1973   D Cocker        
1972   Richard Petterson        
1971   G Philip        
1970   Richard Petterson        
1969   Richard Petterson        
1966   O Davies        
1965   D Eccleston        
1964   D Eccleston        
1963   ATellis        
1962   Keith Mann        
1961   R Binning        
1960   Keith Mann



To support the success of Fencing Central and Fencing NZ, all fencers and associates are asked to please affiliate with their relevant region. The affiliation form can be found at


Health & Safety Officer:

The Committee currently has a vacancy for a Health & Safety Officer. This is a new position to coordinate with the FeNZ Health & Safety Team and hold oversight for Health & Safety in the Central region. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, or have any questions about what this will entail, please contact us at

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