Central U15 Champions

  Men's Foil Women's Foil Men's Epee Women's Epee Men's Sabre Women's Sabre
2019 Koki Endo Naomi Holland Joshua James --- --- ---
2018 Thomas Hoskin Naomi Holland Joshua James Sophia Tweedle --- ---
2017 Vinh Peckler Naomi Holland -- -- -- --
2016 Thomas Hoskin Michelle Huang Callum Munro Elizabeth Little Eugene Wu --
2015 Luca Young Nyah Holland   Elizabeth Little Hamish McIntyre Lillian Blencoe
2014 Isaac Rusholme-Cobb  Hazel Lockwood Isaac Rusholme-Cobb --- --- ---
2013 Nick Henderson Tiffany Tsang Gavin Thomas Katherine Little Nick Stevens Lillian Blencoe
2012 Russell Johnson Amy Wilson        
2011 Zach Shima Natalie Shackleton        
2010 Felix Boyce Stephanie Alexander        
2009 Harry Forrester Charlotte Forrester        
2005 William Bishop Kate King        
2000 Nigel Candasamy Fiona Carman        



To support the success of Fencing Central and Fencing NZ, all fencers and associates are asked to please affiliate with their relevant region. The affiliation form can be found at


Health & Safety Officer:

The Committee currently has a vacancy for a Health & Safety Officer. This is a new position to coordinate with the FeNZ Health & Safety Team and hold oversight for Health & Safety in the Central region. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, or have any questions about what this will entail, please contact us at

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