Administration Awards

Year Competition Administrator Club Administrator Fencing Central Administrator Richard Reynolds Award Refereeing Sabre Coach Epee Coach Foil Coach
2019 Nicole Martin Una Johnson Jo Little   Caleb Buchanan Russell Johnson Daniel Chan Robert Gastaldo-Brac
2018 Nicole Martin

Una Johnson

Vicci Lamb   Nicola Shackleton Bryan Clark Daniel Chan Robert Gastaldo-Brac
2017 Nicole Martin

Una Johnson

Bea Carruth Steve Martin Alex Thomas Russell Johnson Daniel Chan Robert Gastaldo-Brac
2016 Nicole Martin Victoria Lamb Bea Carruth Steve Martin Nicola Shackleton Bryan Clark Daniel Chan Robert Gastaldo-Brac
2015 UH College Fencing Club Nicole Martin Grant Johnson Bea Carruth Richard Souness & Nathanael Walker-Hale Luke Crozier Bryan Clark Robert Gastaldo-Brac
2014 Grant Johnson - Bea Carruth   Nicola Shackleton Bryan Clark Victoria Lamb Robert Gastaldo-Brac
2013 Bruce Thomas Victoria Lamb -   - Graham Conlon Bryan Clark Daniel Kahu
2012 Charlotte Dewsnap Charlotte Dewsnap Bryan Clark   - Graham Conlon Bridget MacFarlane Lesley Calver
2011 Susan Grant-Taylor Bea Carruth Jeremy Peters   Nicola Shackleton Miahi Ifrim Paul Hentschel Ping Yuan
2010 Jeremy Peters Susan Grant-Taylor Victoria Lamb/Jeremy Peters   Nicola Shackleton




To support the success of Fencing Central and Fencing NZ, all fencers and associates are asked to please affiliate with their relevant region. The affiliation form can be found at


Health & Safety Officer:

The Committee currently has a vacancy for a Health & Safety Officer. This is a new position to coordinate with the FeNZ Health & Safety Team and hold oversight for Health & Safety in the Central region. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, or have any questions about what this will entail, please contact us at

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