President's Cup Champions      

  Men's Foil Men's Epee Men's Sabre Women's Foil Women's Epee Women's Sabre
2019 Connor Foley-Walker Louis Jennings Liam James Chantelle May Claire Cooper ---
2018 Freddy Hopkins Andreas Sesun Luke Crozier Vicky Fan Anna Chalton Suzy Cheng
2017 Steve Martin Andreas Sesun Luke Crozier Chantelle May Maija Terho Suzy Cheng
2016 Hamish Chan Andreas Sesun Hamish Bullmer Chantelle May Kate Brill Thi Hai Yen Nguyen
2015 Hamish Chan Lucian Nightingale Bryan Clark Suzy Cheng Katherine Brill Luyan Cao
2014 Felix Boyce Jess Beer Felix Boyce Charlotte Dewsnap Jess Beer  Charlotte Dewsnap 
2013 Chris Bell Martin Brill Felix Boyce Katherine Brill Katherine Brill --- 


Fencing Central AGM:

Time: 12:00pm Sunday 1st March 2020

Venue: Victoria University of Wellington Kelburn Recreation Centre

Video Link:



To support the success of Fencing Central and Fencing NZ, all fencers and associates are asked to please affiliate with their relevant region. The affiliation form can be found at

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