The Structure of Fencing - Globally and within NZ


At the helm of fencing world-wide sits the:

Federation Internationale D’Escrime, (FIE) 

Who are they?: The FIE was founded in 1913 and has its seat in Lausanne, Switzerland. The FIE is a collective governing body with members from around the globe. Along with the executive committee, there are 134 member federations.

The FIE governs and administers fencing throughout the world. They set standards for competitions and equipment, they write and roll out the rules so that everywhere in the world fencing is the same. They organise global competitions, like the World Championships, facilitate coach and referee training and certification and much, much more. The FIE may also provide funding or material support to national bodies.

How do they do it?: The FIE governs through the world regional representatives (NZ is part of the Asia / Oceania group) and then through to the country’s national governing body.


The national governing body of New Zealand is:

Fencing New Zealand (New Zealand Amateur Fencing Association Inc.)  Website or Facebook

Who are they?: FENZ, in existence since 1938, is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. The executive committee consists of elected officers and the regional presidents. FENZ enforce the rules of the FIE and regulate and develop fencing in NZ. As such they provide coach and referee training, select national teams to partake in international competitions, run national competitions, maintain NZ rankings, make available competition equipment and much more.

How do they do it?: FENZ administers the rules and the sport through the regional governing bodies.  See the FENZ Constitution here.


…and our regional governing body is:

Fencing Central (and other Regional Bodies)

New Zealand is divided into 4 fencing regions:



Fencing North 




Fencing Central 

(commonly referred to as FenCen.)



Fencing Mid South


Fencing South

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (no website)



Who are they?: 

The committee members of the regional bodies are affiliated members, nominated by clubs within the region and are elected for a one year term. Again, it is all on a volunteer basis.


What do they do?: 

The regional bodies work closely with the clubs in their region; they facilitate and support, disseminate important information, conduct tournaments and other fencing related events, administer and maintain the fencing assets of the region, fundraise, provide training and development opportunities for coaches, fencers, referees and as well as represent the fencers in the district at a national level.


The Fencing Central region has 4 primary clubs and several minor clubs, most of which stem from the primary clubs.  The pages on the menu at the left are dedicated to those clubs in our region and serve to inform those interested in our sport about those clubs.


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