Swords flashing in the spotlights, brilliant white jackets, a duel of wits – the sport of Fencing is the ultimate athletic spectacle, and you can be a part of it too!

With its roots in 15th Century military training, Fencing has been in every Olympics since the 1896 Games in Athens. New Zealand’s national federation has been active since 1938, and now has over 1000 active members.

There are nine active fencing clubs in the lower North Island, ranging from Wellington, to New Plymouth and Hawke’s Bay, making up the Fencing Central region. These clubs cater for fencers of all ages and abilities, so there’s nothing stopping you from having a go!


An elegant weapon, Foil relies on both speed and cunning, with fencers engaging in heated exchanges to score hits on a reduced target area.
Learn more about Foil.


The ultimate dueling weapon, Épée is a game of tactics and precision, with fencers waiting for the opportune moment to strike, and no room for error.
Learn more about Épée.


The fastest of the three weapons, Sabre is the only discipline that lets you use the full edge of the blade to score points against your opponent’s upper body.
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Why we love Fencing

Ask any fencer what it is they love about Fencing – they’ll all give you a different answer! Once you step onto the piste, there’s nothing else quite like it – everything else falls away as you focus on the white-clad opponent in front of you. A bout brings with it adrenaline, challenge, victory, heartbreak – as you face off against your opponent in a battle of speed, agility, and wits.

Fencing in New Zealand is a tight-knit community, made up of both competitive and social fencers, coaches, referees, and many other volunteers. Fencers and coaches support one another so that we can all strive to improve, and work to fulfil our potential.

Check out this video to get a feel for the excitement and passion we have for our sport!

Want to get involved?

With clubs throughout the lower North Island, and no limitation on age or experience, it’s super easy to get into fencing! Most clubs will loan you all of the equipment you need, and many offer a free trial session, or even a full beginners program.

Check out the map of all local clubs to find one close to you, see our register of all affiliated clubsor get in touch with us on social media or by email below.

The North Island Championships is being held at Wellington High School on 7th and 8th August. You are more than welcome to come along and spectate at no cost to learn more about Fencing.